Since I signed up for a half-marathon and haven’t really been training for a half-marathon, I’ve been doing my best to figure out how I’m gonna run this damn thing and not injure myself.

I’ve alway believed in the power of “time on feet,” so I’m prioritizing the amount of active time I’m on my feet. Been trying to walk at least two intentional miles per day, which means breaking a little bit of a sweat.

On this day I walked two miles in the morning, then set off for this adventure.

Basically I ran for one hour up the trail at an easy pace, so I made it about 4.25 miles, stopped my watch, and turned around to walk the same route back to my car.

The walk took me around 90 minutes, but it was great. I could literally see zero humans for half a mile in front of me and behind me, so I took the time to talk to myself and manifest some good shit in the coming months.

Is this a sure-fire plan to make it through the half-marathon? Maybe. But I guess I’m more just training for the hurt, the discomfort. I know I can run the four of six or maybe eight miles at an easy pace, but it’ll be fun to see how everything else comes together, which is why I’m just spending as much time on my feet as I can.


I signed up a half marathon at the end of the month. It’s on an abanandoned highway and goes through two pitch-black tunnels. I’m not exactly in half-marathon shape (my PR was in 2018 at about two hours and 20 minutes), but I haven’t… stopped… running.

The plan for this month is to just get used to moving for two and a half hours. I’ve done a lot of hour long runs, and a few 1.5 hour runs, but I’m just gonna try walking for two hours here and there, just to get the bones and feet and back used to the movement. Not looking for fast, just don’t wanna be dead by the end of 13.1 miles.


This is my first big foray into a “service” for my HEAVY METAL EMAIL work, so let’s see how this goes.

This package ‘FIVE EMAILS YOU CAN SEND TO YOUR FANS‘ includes a Google doc of customized ideas and suggestions based around your creative project, and a personalized video from me explaining some of the ideas I present in the doc.

It’s FREE through the month of May, so get on it if you want it, cuz after that it’s $300, which will include an actual video / phone call to go with it.

Will this be a raging success for me? Can I quit my 800 freelance jobs and become a digital nomad? Probably not, but I’m gonna learn from this, and figure it out.


I always love seeing talented friends post their art and magic.

This is from Joce Aucoin (“Choppy waters today I guess” from Twitter), whom I met like way back in 2002 or 2003 when she was doing LUJO Records and sending me albums in padded mailers when I was doing my music blog. Here we are 20 years later, still at it.

She’s been making a lot of collage work, which I just love seeing as she keeps growing it.


Had to get out for a mental health walk, which I think was just more about getting away from my laptop, but regardess, landed on some Don Caballero.

Don Caballero was a band a few friends talked about in the scene growing up. There was a buzz around their live show, probably some zine interviews and such.

They’re one of the few bands that make me wanna close my eyes and pretend like I’m in the band.


I never spent much time on SoundCloud, but then I read this interview with Tracy P. Chan, SVP of Creators at SoundCloud, from Mia’s Queue on Substack.

“We have an algorithmic discovery playlist called ‘Daily Drops.’ Every day we drop what’s new to you. SoundCloud’s catalog is about 320 million tracks. We have three times the number of tracks that the other DSPs [Digital Service Providers] have. You’ll find all this content that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

That’s how I found this live recording from Spring Rolls from Paris, France, and I love it so much. Perfectly minimal and soothing. I listened to it on a recent evening run.

Then I found his work on Bandcamp, a new release titled ‘Le Commencement [SPRNGRLLS001].’

I don’t know… I’ve been listening to BANDS since the mid 80s man. I still love them, of course. But I’ve also been loving electronic music, too. I don’t know… just something that sort of blends into the background and isn’t… guitars, you know?


For some reason I just love the energy in this area. It’s maybe not the most sceneic, but I love it. There’s a four mile loop up along the side of the mountain here, and it’s a crusher, but I love it so much. Only a few hundred feet of single track, but it’s worth it to me.


These are so wonderful.

“If we don’t support old shops, they’ll be gone forever,” Shin says. “I tried to ‘preserve’ the old shops through this series […] I hope when people see it, it will remind them to go and support their small local businesses.”

From ‘Shin Oh “preserves” traditional Malaysian spaces and places with her 3D pixel room building,’ via Kottke.