Biden Wins, Trump Loses Popular Vote Twice

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Not looking for perfect, just looking for an adult in the room. Someone who Tweets less than a teenager. America has chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president, CNN projects, turning at a time of national crisis to a man whose character was forged by aching personal tragedy and who is pledging to restore calm and […]

They Want the Discord

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I’ve believed this for awhile about the elections, about the chaos and tension of the current election, emphasis mine: “This is exactly what our foreign adversaries want to happen,” Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who is a Republican, told the editorial board. “Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, what they want is they want […]

Just Keep Running

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I met Eddie back in the 90s, when we were in our late teens, playing shows at colleges and tiny all-ages venues. He was raw energy then, playing drums in a band called Bedford. Many years later (decades), our paths crossed again, this time because of running. Got reconnected via Instagram, swapping comments and occasional […]

Onward to Sacrifice and Suffering

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America, I still love you. But you will not surprise me anymore. — aundre (@aundrelarrow) November 4, 2020 I cried. I want to say, “we got a lot of work to do in America,” but really I mean “white people got a lot of work to do in America.” White dudes, come on. That […]

Good Grief

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Four years ago, after I stayed up way too late watching the results of the 2016 election, I got out the door for an angry run. It was around three miles, in about 32 minutes, light rain, high 40s. Things haven’t felt right since. Unceasing dark days. As of late, 1,000 Americans dead everyday. “It […]

The Inbox is Work

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Love this, in the most depressing away ever… … office workers have come to think of email as non-work, or partial-work, or at least work that shouldn’t necessary be compensated, or performed during work hours. In her study of office workers, she hears a similar explanation over and over again for why employees spend their Sunday […]


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Well, England is locking down again. Germany is locked down. The COVID-19 virus is rampant, cases up everywhere, things are very much not “back to normal.” Twice in the last week I’ve seen totally unmasked people in my local grocery store. SIGH. I told the cashier I kept my distance from the one person without […]

Too Fucking Much

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Is there such a thing as a new-event fatigue? I mean, every time I glance at my social media feed there’s a dozen new announcements for virtual conferences, events, races, and live streams. Adobe Max just did a thing, with a bunch of great speakers, and it was all free, and like, I just did […]

How Do We Recover?

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This is madness: Medical professionals have publicly called on the president to discontinue his rallies. Seventy-five doctors led by the Committee to Protect Medicare, a health-care advocacy group, signed a letter last week asking Trump to cancel one in Erie. And on Monday, Meaghan Reid, an emergency physician in Drexel Hill, hosted a virtual news conference […]

No Quitting

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Timely words from track and field Olympian Tianna Bee: “Whatever it is you’re facing-whatever the adversity or the obstacle- there is a solution. Yes. There is. The question is- are you going to take quitting off the table in order to free up the space needed for the creativity and new perspective to find it.” […]

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