This is America.

“I don’t understand why Biden is not on TV every single night talking about this – it’s terrorism. It’s decades of killing social and civic fabrics. It’s fixable,” from another of Melody’s Tweets.


I love this from Joe Holder:

Absolutely something I’ve wrestled with.

Don’t think of RUNNING HARD as an “all the time” activity – just don’t let sometimes become never. I’ve been taking it REAL easy with running. Staying WAY too comfortable. So once a week usually I plan out a hard run. Force myself into the paces I know I’m capable of, just to feel it again.

And that junk food thing – oooph. I’d have a bag of cookies in the house, to help make working on the computer all day better. But it never helps, of course. Sure, for a few seconds it’s nice, but in the long run I eat a bag of cookies in two days and feel like shit.

Getting Out There

Started some weekend rides with my friend who doesn’t really bike much, and been having a blast. Biking is low impact, and there’s ton of rails-to-trails all over PA, so there’s hardly any hills to worry about.

The best part is it doesn’t stop when the ride ends. We get to find food, which is a whole adventure unto itself.

Keep Announcing Your Stuff

Posted originally on my Ko-Fi page:

If you’re gonna announce a pre-order, plan on announcing again and again. Schedule it out. Plan on posting about it a dozen (or more) times. Remember – not everyone sees your post at 10am on a Tuesday. Not everyone is ready to click (they might be in line at the bank, or on break at work).

Put the link in every post. Include your nice artwork. This isn’t about “creating content” this is just making sure your billboard gets seen.

Embed a small video clip of your music. You’re competing with bands and artists who ARE already doing that. People like music. Maybe they’ll like your music. Give yourself a chance and make your music as easy to listen to.

If you’re just waiting for Spotify to start sending you $1 per stream, you’re gonna be waiting awhile. Build your email list. Make your music easy to listen to. Make it painfully easy for people to support your art.

There are big bands with label support, radio campaigns, slick videos, great press… and there are still people in comments 3 weeks after the album release going, “oh, I didn’t even know they had a new album!”

You don’t have to be super active on every social media network, but at least post more than once a month about your new upcoming release / art / show.

Waiting for Spotify, labels, and about a million other things to get fixed is a waste of time.

Whoop and Sleep

I was on the fence a bit about with Whoop, as most of the people I talked mostly mentioned “it’s just about recovery mostly.”

One of my favorite mantras, going back to my Bike Nerd days, is “you can’t fake sleep.”

You can grit out that last half mile to the finish line. You can will yourself up over that big hill. But you ain’t faking your way to nine hours of sleep.

Sure, seeing my “Strain” score for a long run was nice and all, but I kept seeing that my recovery scores were in the 30-40% range. Even dipping down to 29% – that’s red, oh no!

So Whoop has made me think about sleep a bit more.

Okay, get to bed a little earlier. Okay, sure, less screen time before bed.

I kept seeing this sleep mask on my Instagram feed, I think because someone I follow showed it off. So I followed them. It looked neat enough, I guess.

But, before I drop $30+ on a sleep mask, I remember my housemate had a spare sleep mask on hand, from a hotel swag bag. Let me try that first, right?

Well, it looks like a sleep mask sure helped, huh?

So right now, Whoop is worth it, because it got me thinking about sleep, about recovery. I kept seeing my hard runs, all that strain, but I was also forced to see that I’m not recovering enough.

If I’m not recovering, it won’t matter how hard I run, or how many miles I ride.

Sure, $30/mo is a chunk of change, but Whoop is helping me see how rested I am, which helps determine how big of an adventure I should take on each day.

Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join with my link:

Daily Loop #73

A year of Groundhog Day, on repeat, on every TV in the house, at full volume. Cut out all the random events of your day, like running into old friends, or meeting new people, cut out every leisure social activity like going to the movies, going out for dinner, or meeting up for coffee.

Then, replace and amplify everything else which, face it, work. Then every work item, and to-do, and video call, and weekend task turns into a pebble that you have to carry and not put down. Eventually those pebbles turn into a landslide.


“social media gigs in 2021 all basically include at least 4 full time jobs,” @thecultureofme

Video by Ruvim Miksanskiy and Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Daily Loop #72

I think this is my first complete song, if you count a 15 second, 200BPM chaos-fest like this a song. It’s here now, in the world for all the world to completely ignore, which is fine. I had so much fun making this, editing this (audio and video). This is joy to me. This isn’t work, this is all play.

Chances are most everything you write, make, capture, put out – it won’t be a hit. It won’t register. It won’t move. It won’t shake the world.

I mean, there’s people who forgot about “This is America” by Childish Gambino (hey, 2018 was a long time ago). There’s people who still never watched any of the Star Wars movies. People who’ve never read classic books, poems.

Keep making your thing regardless.


“I think the first concert back I’m legit gonna be crying. Like if you see me breakdown in tears in the pit mind your business” @TheKodakChris

Via Chris Eliopoulos

Driving footage by Kelly Lacy from Pexels
Video game controller footage by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels
Video game arcade footage by cottonbro from Pexels

Stop Handing Out Flyers

There was a time when we didn’t spray a firehose of images, videos, and words into our eyeballs for multiple hours, every day. Around the clock.

During that time we still made albums, published magazines, made videos, and everything else.

The thing I hear a lot, if we abandon social media, is how will we be found? How will our music get heard? How will our videos get watched?

Look, they will.

Back in the day you’d hand out flyers for the show you were playing that night. Put the flyers in the local music shop. Hand them to anyone wearing Chuck Taylors or a nose ring.

Social media is where you hand out flyers, but at a certain point you gotta head back to the venue and play a show.

We’ve all bought into the 24/7 social media marketing life style, heading both directions; both as the consumer and the advertiser.

But there comes a time when you gotta put the phone down and work. You’re going to have to miss that meme, or that person who did the thing, or that random video.

Trust that the wonderful people in your life will send you some of the highlights. Also be okay with missing shit.

Like, how many memes have you missed when they first came out? Then you discovered it three months later. Still funny, right? Great. What’d you lose? Nothing.

Get into your studio, your space, put on your headphones and make your art. That’s the thing that people will discover three months from now. That clever Tweet or funny IG story is nice and all, but it’s gone in a day. Poof.

Put your top stuff on a site. Your writing, your photos, your music, your whatever. Give it a home where people can find it. And keeping filling it up. Keep adding. Make it your home.

People will find you when they find you, and it’ll probably be for your art, the magic you bring to the world.

Photo by Mick Haupt from Pexels