Right Place, Right Time

However these things happen, they just happen. Some are low impact, or not even noticeable, but wow, this instance my attention.

I had already gone out for a run earlier in the day, but a new pair of shoes came in the mail, and I needed to break them in. A short evening walk turned into something magical.

100 Miles in a Week

I follow a handful of adventurous runners on Instagram, and I sometimes get stuck in the comparison game. When will I ever be able to run 10 miles every single day? When can I run 65+ miles in a 12 hour endurance race.

Actually, though, that pity party last about 2.4 seconds before I throw my phone down, lace up my shoes, and head out the door. I’m not going to be able to run 30 miles a week until I can run 25 with consistency. I won’t be able to run 10 miles on back to back days if I can’t even run an 8 miler every Sunday.

At the start of August I had a nice kick in the pants, from the horrible situation involving Tommy Rivers Puzey.

Rivers Puzey first started to feel sick earlier in the summer. Thinking it could have been COVID-19, he self-isolated at home, but as the weeks passed and his situation failed to improve, he went to the hospital. He stayed there for several weeks, although doctors didn’t give him a diagnosis for some time. On July 24, his brother posted on Instagram to announce that Rivers Puzey had finally been diagnosed, and it was cancer.

From ‘Support Tommy Rivers Puzey in the Run with Rivs virtual challenge

So I joined the virtual event and set a goal of 100 miles, from August 1st to the 9th. I knew I couldn’t run that distance, but I have a bike now, and whatever, I wanted to see if my heart and lungs and body could withstand a 100 mile week.

Sunday to Sunday I ran 34 miles, and biked 67. I ate smart, tried to get to bed early, and made sure to stretch and do some mobility work throughout the week, and wow, it worked.

Taking Monday off was great, and now today, I was up and out the door by 7am for a five mile run.

Running is my “hell yes,” and sets the tone for how I manage my day. Challenges with work, finances, a pandemic… it’s all pretty daunting, but if I can get out for a run or a bike ride, some form of movement where I get my heart rate up and break a sweat, then I’m a happy dude.

Sure, in 2010 or so I was “The Bike Nerd,” and loved biking 25 miles a day, but heck, I didn’t track any of that mileage. I was just riding from bus station to bus station, to a friends house, on some back roads. That was all well and good, but now, a decade later, these adventures feel even more purposeful. For both myself, and for those that running can help in the process.

Turns out a bunch of people did the Run With Rivs challenge, and all told it raised over $180,000.

Marketing Magic

From ‘The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising.’

“Bad methodology makes everyone happy,” said David Reiley, who used to head Yahoo’s economics team and is now working for streaming service Pandora. “It will make the publisher happy. It will make the person who bought the media happy. It will make the boss of the person who bought the media happy. It will make the ad agency happy. Everybody can brag that they had a very successful campaign.”

Marketers are often most successful at marketing their own marketing.

Over and Over

Do things a little, and then do them a lot!

Like, I started off barely able to run 5 minutes at a time. Almost three later I can run like 2.5 hours and not walk weird afterwards.

Same with music! Ya might suck today, but keep at it and a few years later you’ll be okay!

Not about QUIT YOUR JOB FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Do your stuff when you can, and maybe a decade from now it’s what you do.

Lots of the artists you see out there touring and stuff and recording have been doing it since they were teenagers. Objects in motion stay in motion.

Raising Money with an Old Jean Jacket

My fundraiser for Students Run Philly Style hit its $500 goal, but with nearly a full month to go before the Broad Street run in Philadelphia why not try and raise more?

For every $25 I raise in April I will put a new patch on this jacket which I will also wear the day of the race. Sweating is very metal, right?

Expect lots more photos of my training leading up to the May 6th event!

If you’d like to sponsor this wacky endeavor, click here for the sponsorship page.