Daily Loop #9

After the week we’ve had it was time for some beeps, boops, and coffee. Saturday morning sampling, some vocal tracks – this was a fun one.

Seeing (and hearing) how so much of this stuff is just layers – build them up, remove them, build an entire scene from just a few ideas.

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

Daily Loop #8

Nearing 10pm at night and I’m just now getting up this Daily Loop. I figure since it’ll be months until thing ever get back to even 10% of normal, and since I spend so much time in front of my computer anyways, there’s really no reason why I can’t keep getting these posted.

Lost some audio in Abelton today, which is a bummer. A minor file management snafu, just being too quick and careless. It’s okay, since I wanted to redo it at some point. Lesson learned.

Tape video via Pixabay.

Daily Loop #7

I posted a few of these clips to Twitter in the last week or so, and didn’t really get the idea to put them on my blog, so I’m fixing that now (1/7).

My brain exploded when I figured out how to do sampling with Abelton Live. Sure, I’ve messed around with a TASCAM Porta-4 about 30 years ago, and who hasn’t spent some time with Garage Band?

But Live is a special beast.

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to just make something each day. The drum beats, the bass lines, and the samples. Usually I’ll go on YouTube and sample old TV commercials, but lately I’ve been capturing the audio from Instagram Stories.

As I thumb through the never ending videos, every so often a few audio clips collide and make for something interesting. That’s where the beeps and boops above come from.

Daily Loop #1

This video was posted on 1/1/2021 on Twitter and Instagram, and even though I preach the “put your stuff on our own website” message, I forgot to put them on my own site. Better late then never.

Video is from Pexel, and the beat and boops and all that are from me. I’m a third generation musician, and have been playing music on and off (mostly off) for about 30 years now. These loops are the hook to get me opening up Abelton Live and stretch my musical muscles again.

Lubalin Closing Out 2020 on a High Note

I came across this video recently, and fell in love.

The beat, the singing, the facial expressions… turns out this is only the second “funny video” he’s done?

His latest video ‘Floating’ is very somber, and so well done.

Check out the comment section, too:

“Came here because of the attorney general. Stayed for the talent.”

That’s in reference to his other clip, below:

It’s neat to see someone have this well-crafted vibe, the look and presentation, and then they put out something that’s well done but not-so-serious, and see how it just hits.

As of the writing of this post, he’s got 160,000 followers on Instagram.