It’s been a few months, but finally a new sleepy time metal mix, perfect for long walks in graveyards, or disappearing into the fog.

These mixes take awhile for me to make. I started this one about a week or two ago. Lots of work and work-related stuff gets in the way, and I usually go for a run or a bike ride to shake off that work stress, but tonight I wasn’t feeling either of those, so I set off to finish this mix.

Something about sitting here in front of the same machine that I use for work, and instead of fretting over incoming emails, or managing tabs, I get to just watch tracks run for seven straight minutes, and I force myself to stay present and watch the second tick by. The exact opposite of the normal work day.

Track list:

Goodnight, Metal Friend #14

Listening to these in the background is wonderful. The real mind-fuck is when they stop. A constant hum in your ears, an unending drone – it just feels different when it stops.

That’s why I started making these mixes in the first place. I want something with no lull in sound. Streaming music services are great for playlists, but not for mixes, as they go from one track to the next.

My DJ skills aren’t the best. Still trying to figure out cross fading and EQ and such, but hey, I’m learning.

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Goodnight, Metal Friend #13

Technology has been against me all day, in the form of errors, mix ups, and whatever else. Even had to reboot my computer because of some audio issues. It’s been a day.

Goodnight Metal Friend Mix #13 includes Killanova, Simulacra, Sincere Receiver, Subastral Roar, and Fallen Names. Each was discovered and purchased via Bandcamp, so I urge you to dig into those links if you hear something you like.

A Daily Loop and a Goodnight Metal Friend mix, on a Monday? Well, been doing my best to stay off social media, and it’s amazing how the time adds up. From sourcing music instead of doom scrolling, to getting in front of the computer after waking up instead of checking Twitter… it’s not much, but it really is. It adds up.

Goodnight, Metal Friend Mix 11

I believe this my longest mix yet, at almost 49 minutes. A mix of older material like Mortem Obire from 2017 and Demian Johnston from 2010, to just release this week, like Andrew Everington and exit eternity.

I’m an absolute new-comer to everything about dark-ambient, but I know what I like, and these mixes are a reflection of that. I hope you enjoy.

All music sourced and purchased via Bandcamp. Browse my Bandcamp collection and find something nice for yourself.

Goodnight, Metal Friend – MIX 10

First Goodnight, Metal Friend mix of 2021, and stoked that it’s mix #10. I started doing these after COVID-19 hit in 2020, just to learn more about crafting mixes, with everything from sourcing the tunes, performing them in real time using DJ software, and making all the promo assets for social media and the web.

This Goodnight, Metal Friend mix features tracks from Hypnagogue, 37735i6, Center Void, Moksa, and System Exile, clocking just over 29 minutes of menacing, spooky vibes.

Goodnight, Metal Friend – MIX 09

This is a short one – less than 25 minutes – but still I think it’s a good one. A few guitars in this one, which is always a treat. Music by Archean Nights from France, Shum & dMH from Ireland, Oneirich from this ‘Dark Ambient Vol. 16‘ compilation, and Mirrortouch who is a young latinx producer named Juan Quintero-García.

I love the sleep music in my Headspace app, but sometimes I want something a little… darker. I love finding this music. Digging through the dark ambient and drone metal sections of Bandcamp, settling deep into the different songs and making sure they fit, with no sudden shrieks or loud percussion. Then fitting the songs together in Serato, and fading out of one track, and into another, at a good point, too. Not too fast, not too sudden. It’s a big bunch of skills and challenges that I really liked picking up this year.