Holy Heck!

Holy heck, you got this. Today, your next phone meeting, that next customer, you’re gonna fly!

I don’t know, I just need to stand in wonder, wide-eyed amazement of everything I’m gonna do each day. Every problem I’ll solve, every work load I’ll manage – whatever.

I don’t consider it naive, or cheesy. It’s work. It’s work, emotional labor, to think in a way of expecting positive outcomes. An always learning mindset. I’ve tripped up a few times in the past week (lost some money, etc.), but chose to accept it as lesson, and not let it weigh be down as failure.

Like, I could spend $250 on some online course for money stuff, right? Or, when I lose money in an online transaction (oh, eBay), I can LEARN from it. And those are usually the best lessons.

So, HECK YES! That shift in thinking is hard, it’s work, but it’s worth it.


I’ve been to a few mediocre burrito joints, where the rookie burrito makers misjudge the amounts of goodness they’re adding, and by the end they have difficulty closing up the tortilla. Sometimes you have to be that bright eyed, first-day-on-the-job burrito make and pour everything into your day and make it burst with awesome.

Shake It Up

Usually I work from home, being as I’m self employed and all. But today I have a 5 hour drive ahead of me, so I’ll be working on the road. I LIKE the comfort of my desk and chair and blender for smoothies, but today I gotta shake it up. Kick off April 1st with a karate chop!


Not pretty, no flashy, but done. Finish the task, the run, the job, the day. Get to done, and keep it rolling.

Felt this when running some trails in Maryland. Breathing heavy, shoes wet from two creek crossings, legs caked with mud, barely managing a 13 minute mile pace – but it’s done.

When I was riding mountain bikes back in my high school days with friends, I loved hills, but all my pals would stop when they got to the top. I always kept it rolling, no matter how slow. Just keep moving forward, because the important work was… done.

And when it’s done, you get to keep going.


Slide through today like you’re wearing fuzzy socks on linoleum floors, and expect good things to happen around you!

Nothing makes me feel younger than sliding around the kitchen when making my morning coffee. Do the things that take you back to happy times, carefree times! It’s okay to revisit, and feel that spark of joy you used to carry with you.

Start Over

Don’t let a bad morning ruin your day – every hour is a chance to start over!

I slept bad the other night, and it could have set the tone for the entire day. Instead, I made sure to have a good breakfast, crank some good music, avoid negative news (which means ALL news pretty much), and just got to work.

Did the rest of the day go great? NOPE! But each set back was another opportunity to START OVER.

Triumph over your fears and enemies with laughter, defeating the darkness by slightly peeing your pants.

It’s pretty much impossible to fret and worry when you’re cry laughing, or when you can’t breathe because you’re face is about to fall off.