Daily Loop #56

Wake up at 7am, do some work, eat some toast, then crack open your heart into whatever art form you want. I’m on a time crunch today – got a big important thing to do for 11am, but hey… it’s 8am, let’s see what we can make today, and get it posted and finished in around an hour.


“An editor said to me the other day, “we are not working remotely. we are living at work,” @erinblogan

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Daily Loop #55

This is why you just keep putting ideas down. Keep recording, keep writing, keep knocking, keep yelling. I barely remember this musical clip, but when I cracked it open on a cold, February morning with some luke warm tea, it clicked.

It’s mysterious. Dangerous. The backdrop to a sinister plot. What sort of clip would do this justice? The idea of the mysterious folder came to mind. The mouse. The bewildered look (not quite on par with Neo’s “knock knock” scene, but still).

Not sure where it leads, but we’ll find out! Sign up for my ‘TAKE ME TO THE BEEPS’ newsletter for future mystery.


“An underdiscussed aspect of modern capitalism is that most low-wage jobs tightly regulate what you’re doing at all times while you’re on the clock and most high-wage jobs consist of hours of unstructured time in front of the computer during which you can do whatever,” @jfruh

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Daily Loop #54

Each day I put up a Daily Loop I include a bunch of stuff I “liked” on Twitter and Instagram. Great quotes, photos, design, that sort of stuff. Then on Saturday’s I sent out my “Weekly Loop,” which is a nice round up of those items. You can sign up for that here.

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Both of those are prompts to start your own email lists! Your fans aren’t always going to see your updates on social media (HAH!), and maybe they don’t visit your site everyday. Keep in touch with the people who like your stuff with an email list.


“Ah, yes. time off. when i move the computer from the desk to the couch. luxurious,” @mikerugnetta

“‘Grief is not a problem to be solved. It’s a presence in the psyche awaiting, witnessing.’ Can we all stop pretending now?” @JessColumbo

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Daily Loop #53

It’s Monday. This week freshen up your social media bios. Make sure your links are pointing to good things. Consider setting up a Lnk.bio or Link Tree (I made a list of links here via my WordPress set up) for your Twitter and / or Instagram. Link to stuff that matters, and ask people to click.

Link your shit. Put the link to your thing (your shop, your course, your album) in the first Tweet.

Fuck hashtags. I want to read your words, your thoughts, your ideas. Inspire me, radicalize me, sell me, push me. Hashtags take up space and their only purpose to attract “more,” when in fact there are people in front of you who already signed up.

You got them – now what?


“Never feel bad for not being “productive” when you read about 500,000 people dying. Soul anguish is what happens when grieving rituals are replaced by normalcy rituals. Don’t “power through” the heart of your humanity,” @FaithfullyBP

“It seems obvious, but the solution for a family suffering poverty is to get them money. Not a tax credit, not a program, not something they need to qualify for or jump through hoops to access, just give them money,” Steve Albini

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Daily Loop #52

I was awakened at 4:30am to the sound of my cat terrorizing a mouse (the cat won), and the morning followed suit. Worked most of the morning hours, though made my coffee extra strong, which was a treat. Played around with new tools for my day job (Close Mondays), then got busy making this loop.

This loop is not as fully fleshed out as I’d like, but it’s something. You’ll notice (maybe) that there’s actually bass on this one, as I got inspired by by the recent “Precious Metals’: Starring Les Claypool & Robert Trujillo” video that was uploaded a few days ago. Weird being a bass player since 1991 and hardly ever playing it with any of these.


“Breaking NBC: The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus has topped 500,000,” @kylegriffin1

“People want to work with individuals whom they enjoy and can see themselves working with. Skill can be built, but personalities stick,” @jelfish67

“Why do bands say that they have a rhythm guitar and lead guitar? Just say one only knows power chords and the other is a narcissist. It’s fine,” @Amygdalatx

“why are we not all obsessed with Bandcamp?” @helloitsaudrey

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Daily Loop #51

On the weekends I avoid making social media assets for these videos. One, because I need the break, but two, hey, if you’re a fan; visit my site.

That’s the thing with “managing your own site.” Why would people visit it?

You see what some sites do to get eyeballs; top 10 ways to monetize your site, the best dresses at the recent awards show, 13 songs from the 80s that we love. Those get written because they work.

That’s now saying you have to make the same thing, but try to copy the spirit. People that like what you do – what else do they like? What else do you like?! Write about that. Or make videos about that. Or make a podcast about that. It’s hard for your main thing to be the draw unless you’ve already created the big thing and get traffic and eyeballs and fans from that.


“it’s weird how it’s assumed that everyone wants to start a business,” @mama_emeritus

From @Frankie_Sutera

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Daily Loop #50

Welcome to 50, huh? That’s fifty mornings since January 1st, 2021 that I’ve been posting something like this here on this site. We’re 50 days into 2021. Wild.

Music loop just came about from layering some ideas on top of other ideas. Didn’t spend much time on drums or any lead part. I think this loop could really use some vocals, but that’s for another day.

Video-wise, yeah. That came together at the last minute, with sort of “why not” attitude. Now I feel like I need to incorporate video loops along with this whole thing. Again, why not?


“I love to be at the grocery store with a dude behind me at the checkout who is very proudly not wearing a mask and say “why are you trying to kill us” over and over until he’s literally backed up 12 feet from my cart and won’t make eye contact with me anymore it’s very chill,” @CosmicChambo

“me, looking up from my screen after 11.5 months straight: why do my eyes hurt,” @mollyshirreen

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Daily Loop #49

Mornings are for coffee, staring out the window, and understanding that this music doesn’t need to go viral in a Tic Tok video. The internet isn’t just for fully finished, agency-approved deliverables. The internet doesn’t have to be completely filled with polished, HD videos and studio produced hits.

There was still room for small bands to sell CDs in music stores back in the day, alongside the big hits and holiday albums.


“I’m tired of badly edited images of black and brown people. Poorly exposed frames with recycled presets slapped on has got to stop. It doesn’t help tell the stories of black and brown folks,” @aundrelarrow

“I would not recommend friends work at Mailchimp, especially women,” @justkelly_ok

“My line is “a single newsletter email sign-up is worth 10 Instagram followers,” @Katieiscrafty

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Daily Loop #48

It’s okay for things to feel heavy, and miserable. We suffering a collective loss, a mass grieving. Being creative requires energy, going for a run requires energy, doing the things you love require energy, and these days a lot of energy is spent on the sole task of surviving. Getting through the day.

Today’s loop is just that. No fancy arrangement. No vocal parts. It gets by on the loop, even if it’s simple in measure, much like all of us these days. Just surviving.


“every day i wake up and see emails. why,” @bijanstephen

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From @lzbth on Instagram (via Norah Lorway)

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Daily Loop #47

Lovedrug’s ‘Down Towards the Healing’ came on tonight, at just the right time. That slow, quiet build-up at the 3:00 mark came on and crushed me. The perfect storm, the stress, the anxiety, the doubt, the chaos, the fear – it all came out. This 17 year old song opened me up.

Seeing more and more how this nearly year-long isolation is hitting me, and those around me. People I talk with, work with, keep in touch with via email and DMs.

Hang on, friends.


“Web 4.0 will be everyone discovering that actually Web 1.0 was amazing and bringing the bulk of it back. Less surveillance, less centralization, less complexity,” @dhh

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