I haven’t posted anything to Twitter since May 8th.
Haven’t posted to Instagram since April 11th, aside from some Stories here and there.
I don’t remember the last run or bike ride I posted on Strava.

So when I saw this from Sara Eckel, something clicked:

If my husband and I go for a hike with our dog, Polly, nobody is making any money. If I snap a picture of Polly and post it on Instagram, I have turned this into an economic event. I’m providing Meta with personal data to sell to other companies, and free content to place alongside advertising.

If I asked you to send me all your photos and I would post them on my site, and then place banner ads on the site so I could make money, you’d tell me to piss off.

Well, that’s what social media platforms do, though with much bigger technology, and making a shit ton of money in the process.

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