Since I signed up for a half-marathon and haven’t really been training for a half-marathon, I’ve been doing my best to figure out how I’m gonna run this damn thing and not injure myself.

I’ve alway believed in the power of “time on feet,” so I’m prioritizing the amount of active time I’m on my feet. Been trying to walk at least two intentional miles per day, which means breaking a little bit of a sweat.

On this day I walked two miles in the morning, then set off for this adventure.

Basically I ran for one hour up the trail at an easy pace, so I made it about 4.25 miles, stopped my watch, and turned around to walk the same route back to my car.

The walk took me around 90 minutes, but it was great. I could literally see zero humans for half a mile in front of me and behind me, so I took the time to talk to myself and manifest some good shit in the coming months.

Is this a sure-fire plan to make it through the half-marathon? Maybe. But I guess I’m more just training for the hurt, the discomfort. I know I can run the four of six or maybe eight miles at an easy pace, but it’ll be fun to see how everything else comes together, which is why I’m just spending as much time on my feet as I can.