I keep advertising in the newspaper yet I’m just not getting customers!
I keep buying banner ads but not getting sales!
I keep paying to BOOST my social media posts but nothing happens.
I keep spending time on social media platforms but not getting any reach!

When do we get the fucking clue? Take the hint.

Social media did not exist to send you free traffic in 2015, and it sure as fuck ain’t gonna make it any easier in 2023 – that’s EIGHT YEARS of beating our heads against the collective desk.

You saying you didn’t see this coming? Please.

Facebook pivoting to video in 2015 fucked everyone. Then oops, “Facebook Overestimated Key Video Metric for Two Years.”

So you think that same company that runs Instagram has your best interest in mind?
Think Elon Musk gives a flying fuck about your upcoming tour or EP release?

Bands and businesses flourished before social media, and they’ll survive without them.