Saw this on Farrah Storr’s newsletter, an interview with Emma Gannon:

What’s one thing you wished you’d never done?

A Ted Talk. I was nervous for three months in the lead up to it and then came crashing down afterwards post-adrenaline. I’ve come to terms with the fact  I don’t enjoy public speaking in that way. 

What I love about this is the permission to just not do something.

Hustle / freelance / self employment cutlure would have us do everything as a means to promote and market ourselves.

But using the example above, at what cost?

Three months of being nervous? Being distracted with the worry of the upcoming event? Then the crash afterwards, once it’s all over?

No thanks.

Don’t want to start a TikTok? DON’T.

Don’t want to post on Instagram anymore? DON’T.

Don’t want to start an email list? DON’T.

Do what works for you.