Last week’s Spotify garbage announcements led to a lot of artists and bands and musicians speaking out in anger.

I get it, I really do, but also 90% of those same artists have multiple links to Spotify in their bio, on their feeds, on their websites (if they have a website)…

“Weird. I only link to Spotify on all my social media platforms and website posts, and yet no one buys any of the music from my Bandcamp because I never link to it or mention it, shhh it’s a secret I guess. So frustrating!”

Yes, I get it… making a $1 on Spotify is hard. But… I make music that sounds like a running dishwasher mixed with a 10 year old AC unit, and…

Like, I am not a full time musician by any means. Most of my friends don’t give a crap about the music I make. But like… my music isn’t available on any streaming service, and I made $30 last month, which is good for some groceries.

Yes, it’d be great if Spotify would pay more, and it’d also be great if people bought CDs like they did in 1998. But that’s NEVER coming back.

Some people value music, and will pay you for it. A lot of people won’t.

Don’t fall for the, “well, everyone just streams music.”

You’re not making music for everyone. None of us are.

So at the bare minimum let your fans know that they can support you by purchasing your music.