Bandcamp Friday is magical if you allow yourself to believe in magic.

#BandcampFriday is a day of being overwhelmed by the power of creativity! Wow, there’s just so much choice out there!! Where do we begin?”

Penelope Trappes

Do I get a lot of emails? Sure.
Do I see a lot of Tweet threads from 100 people about music to check out? Yes.

Somehow this is a bad thing.

Without social media (at the moment), there is no source or curation for this. Music sites don’t do much around this probably (definitely) because a post about some band farting out a Nirvana cover gets more clicks.

So yeah… lots of people are throwing lots of links around to a lot of music, and it’s absolutely impossible to keep up with it all.

The best way to handle all of it?

Shut your mouth, click a link, and just buy something. The end.