I’ve been on a tear against social media for like, a decade or so, so it was refreshing to hear Amelia Hruby frame my distaste in such a new way.

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She really breaks down this whole thing about running a service business (coaching, editing, copywriting, etc) without using social media, and using actual, for-real selling techniques like emailing people, and talking to people!

Going that route instead of just throwing things up on the social media, and when the algorithms throttle your reach you can say, “well, I tried,” and blame the social media platforms for your lack of new clients.

And also – if you’re offering a service, you don’t want to scale. There’s only so many clients you can take on. Only so many hours in the day!

Like I posted on socials a few days ago:

Buy a domain name.
Set up a website.
All the stuff you shovel onto social media every day?
Put that on your website.

And here I am, a few days later putting that social media post on my website.