I can never quite remember all the lyrics, but I think about them when I’m out for my night time walks.

Town is quiet now
Like it’s holding its breath
Stone marks the spot
You know who you are
They outlined it in chalk
Word to the wise
And the barman calls time

‘Cone of Shame’ by Faith No More

The whole “town is quiet now, like it’s holding its breath” part. The college kids gone for the holiday, while everything else is just paused. Less loud cards, people, commotion.

Like the town is holding its breath, at least until school is back in session.

We’ve had a lot of tragedy in town lately. A shooting, with the killer still at large. A teenager climbed into a dumpster and was killed. Someone brandished a weapon in broad daylight at an intersection right up the road.

That was all in one weekend.

Then to find out that a Kutztown High School alum was one of those killed in the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs.

Most nights on my walks the town is quiet, but seemingly things are quite chaotic.