Photo via Pixels

I’ve been sleeping like crap lately, and I finally figured it was time to buy a humidifier. I’ll save you any of the grim details that led to this choice, but today I reaped the rewards.

Similar to when I tried sleeping with an eye mask back in April, and had the Whoop to sort of prove it, the humidifier helped me sleep better, and today’s run was magic.

I haven’t had many magic runs lately.

It was cold, then it started to rain, and I wasn’t wearing my rain jacket. My gloves started to get saturated.

But like that line from Fight Club, the one about “when’s the last time you got in a fight,” when’s the last time I got caught in the rain? In gross conditions?

When’s the last time I purposely put myself in an uncomfortable spot?

Quite honestly, it’s been awhile, so today’s cold gross run was a perfect way to start the week.

The hot chocolate taste better after shoveling the drive way. The A/C is more refreshing after that run in 90F+ temps. Shit is just better when you stick your neck out a bit.