Watched the new Matrix for the sixth time last night, this time with my roomie, and they asked something that got me thinking; if I were a character in the Matrix, how what would be my wardrobe?

Five years ago I probably would have said all black and be done with it, but now I’m not so sure.

Besides Switch, Morpheus seems to be more my style. The most colorful.

And the new Morpheus? Wow.

“This Morpheus is a newborn, discovering who he is. So he wants to try out the suits, the body, different fighting styles even different sunglasses. He’s having a ball with freedom of choice,”

Abdul-Mateen via USA Today

As I said, years ago it would have been all black everything, all the time. But now I have yellow glasses, lots of blues and reds. Oh snap. My jacket is the same color as Morpheus above.

My first foray into adding more color to my life was when I started going to the gym, and being around a lot of masculine energy. Men’s locker rooms are a… vibe, which I’m not really all that into. So when I needed a new gym bag, I bought this North Face bag.

Green! Purple! Pink!

Every other gym bag I found was just plain and boring.

In the past few years, I’m trying to avoid plain and boring, I guess.

I’m turning 46 in 2022, like a fireball to 50. Dammit.

So maybe not an awaking from the Matrix, and the red goo, with the flush and grab.

Just maybe a bit more vibrancy in my digital self image here in the real world.