Daily Loop #53

It’s Monday. This week freshen up your social media bios. Make sure your links are pointing to good things. Consider setting up a Lnk.bio or Link Tree (I made a list of links here via my WordPress set up) for your Twitter and / or Instagram. Link to stuff that matters, and ask people to click.

Link your shit. Put the link to your thing (your shop, your course, your album) in the first Tweet.

Fuck hashtags. I want to read your words, your thoughts, your ideas. Inspire me, radicalize me, sell me, push me. Hashtags take up space and their only purpose to attract “more,” when in fact there are people in front of you who already signed up.

You got them – now what?


“Never feel bad for not being “productive” when you read about 500,000 people dying. Soul anguish is what happens when grieving rituals are replaced by normalcy rituals. Don’t “power through” the heart of your humanity,” @FaithfullyBP

“It seems obvious, but the solution for a family suffering poverty is to get them money. Not a tax credit, not a program, not something they need to qualify for or jump through hoops to access, just give them money,” Steve Albini

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