Daily Loop #52

I was awakened at 4:30am to the sound of my cat terrorizing a mouse (the cat won), and the morning followed suit. Worked most of the morning hours, though made my coffee extra strong, which was a treat. Played around with new tools for my day job (Close Mondays), then got busy making this loop.

This loop is not as fully fleshed out as I’d like, but it’s something. You’ll notice (maybe) that there’s actually bass on this one, as I got inspired by by the recent “Precious Metals’: Starring Les Claypool & Robert Trujillo” video that was uploaded a few days ago. Weird being a bass player since 1991 and hardly ever playing it with any of these.


“Breaking NBC: The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus has topped 500,000,” @kylegriffin1

“People want to work with individuals whom they enjoy and can see themselves working with. Skill can be built, but personalities stick,” @jelfish67

“Why do bands say that they have a rhythm guitar and lead guitar? Just say one only knows power chords and the other is a narcissist. It’s fine,” @Amygdalatx

“why are we not all obsessed with Bandcamp?” @helloitsaudrey

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