Daily Loop #51

On the weekends I avoid making social media assets for these videos. One, because I need the break, but two, hey, if you’re a fan; visit my site.

That’s the thing with “managing your own site.” Why would people visit it?

You see what some sites do to get eyeballs; top 10 ways to monetize your site, the best dresses at the recent awards show, 13 songs from the 80s that we love. Those get written because they work.

That’s now saying you have to make the same thing, but try to copy the spirit. People that like what you do – what else do they like? What else do you like?! Write about that. Or make videos about that. Or make a podcast about that. It’s hard for your main thing to be the draw unless you’ve already created the big thing and get traffic and eyeballs and fans from that.


“it’s weird how it’s assumed that everyone wants to start a business,” @mama_emeritus

From @Frankie_Sutera

Video by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels