Daily Loop #50

Welcome to 50, huh? That’s fifty mornings since January 1st, 2021 that I’ve been posting something like this here on this site. We’re 50 days into 2021. Wild.

Music loop just came about from layering some ideas on top of other ideas. Didn’t spend much time on drums or any lead part. I think this loop could really use some vocals, but that’s for another day.

Video-wise, yeah. That came together at the last minute, with sort of “why not” attitude. Now I feel like I need to incorporate video loops along with this whole thing. Again, why not?


“I love to be at the grocery store with a dude behind me at the checkout who is very proudly not wearing a mask and say “why are you trying to kill us” over and over until he’s literally backed up 12 feet from my cart and won’t make eye contact with me anymore it’s very chill,” @CosmicChambo

“me, looking up from my screen after 11.5 months straight: why do my eyes hurt,” @mollyshirreen

Via @timgough