Daily Loop #49

Mornings are for coffee, staring out the window, and understanding that this music doesn’t need to go viral in a Tic Tok video. The internet isn’t just for fully finished, agency-approved deliverables. The internet doesn’t have to be completely filled with polished, HD videos and studio produced hits.

There was still room for small bands to sell CDs in music stores back in the day, alongside the big hits and holiday albums.


“I’m tired of badly edited images of black and brown people. Poorly exposed frames with recycled presets slapped on has got to stop. It doesn’t help tell the stories of black and brown folks,” @aundrelarrow

“I would not recommend friends work at Mailchimp, especially women,” @justkelly_ok

“My line is “a single newsletter email sign-up is worth 10 Instagram followers,” @Katieiscrafty

Via @spenserlittleart on Instagram

Video by Zuzanna Musial from Pexels