Daily Loop #46

It’s Monday, a holiday, another loop. Still leaning heavy on the Novation Bass Station II, all without really knowing what I’m doing, and hell, I don’t know much what I’m doing with Abelton Live, but I’m doing my best, making things that make me feel good, so that’s all that counts.

Set up a “homepage” for SETH ATOM, which is the moniker I’ll be using for my music going forward. Seth W. started in 1998, 23 years ago. I’m obviously not the same person today, and my middle name is Adam, so it works. Whatever.


“I need to get into the habit of turning my phone off for a good portion of the day, disconnecting from the internet and just spending my days focusing on art. Create an environment where I’m drawing instead of anxiously checking notifications. Social media is hell,” unknownrelic

“Reminder: The tension means you are growing,” @gumroad

Kiran Gandhi via @madamegandhi
Via @alexandrak

Video by Stef from Pexels