Be Where You’re At

It’s okay to not want to get signed to a label. Or be a famous photographer. A big time public speaker.

The big brands, the follower counts, the clout, the hype – it’s not either / or. If you’re not the next big thing, on the cover of magazines and on billboards, you don’t have to fighting to be next.

It’s okay to be where you’re at. It’s okay to have 100 followers. Or 1000.

Hell, you don’t even have to be on social media.

We figured out how to sell a shit ton of CDs and sell out shows before social media came along. We’ll continue doing it long after they’re gone.

People can discover you on Bandcamp or Spotify by chance. You can post a gorgeous photo on your website and someone could post it on social media. A video you helped with on Vimeo can resonate with the world.

So much is right place, right time. Who you know. And if there were a map, everyone would have followed it and become a star.

There’s room for magic, chance, luck. And there’s room for not being a world-wide super star. There’s room for not being the current hyped thing, or buzzing stardom.

Where you’re at is where you’re at.