Daily Loop #32

The first day of February, 2021. Hoping got a little less drama this month than last, but I won’t be holding my breath. It’s not the first time I write a number in the the title of these without it being the actual day of a month. Welcome to day #32 of 2021.

Below are some more of the things I like from Twitter and Instagram, about the only reason I stay on either site at this point. They’re not posted here as embeds, as I don’t trust either social network will be around in five years, and then five years from now you’d see nothing below.

Also doing my best to link to the actual persons website, when available. Websites are pretty great.


Molly Mielke via @mollyfmielke
Via @shiifoncake
Tim Easley via @timeasley
Molly Sugar via @Molly.sugar