First Race of 2020

My first race this year was supposed to be the Queens Marathon, way back on March 22nd. All hell broke loose on March 14th or so, when the NBA suspended their season because one of their players got diagnosed with COVID-19.

Now here we are in late June, and things ain’t looking great. I went to my gym today, intent on cancelling my membership. All their treadmills were still packed together, and no one was wearing masks. Hell, they’re not even required. I don’t like walking in the chip aisle at the grocery store if someone isn’t wearing a mask. I sure as hell ain’t gonna be comfortable in a gym with sweaty, heavy breathing people. Fuck that.

So yeah… first race is tomorrow, a virtual 5K. The Golden Coast Track Club Pride 5K.

I’ll get up early, do my pre-race breakfast routine, and hopefully start at 7:30am, like most races in the summer start. I know it’s gonna be painful, I’m not really in 5K race shape, coming off two weeks of the “blahs” and barely squeaking out 15 miles a week, but I know that pain and discomfort is nothing compared to what those in the LGBTQ+ community face. The stigma, the prejudice, the discrimination; people have died for who they loved.

The virtual race raised money for the Trevor Project, and I’d be stoked if you could chip in a few dollars. Sure, June is Pride month, but it’s really every month. Give if you can, spread the word otherwise.