MUSIC MONDAY: Structure of Love II feat. Chino Moreno by VOWWS

I fell hard for VOWWS‘ 2018 album ‘Under the World,’ all from an Apple Music algorithm that put their song ‘One or the Other’ into my ears, and it became my favorite album of the entire year.

Then they remake their song ‘Burn’ with Kristina Esfandiari, one of my favorite vocalists in recent years.

And now they have a remix of ‘Structure of Love’ with freaking Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno. Like, what?

Running For One Hour

In the summer of 2016 I didn’t think I’d ever be able to run for 15 minutes straight. Last fall I ran a half-marathon in two hours and 16 minutes. I’m not fast, but I’ve got stubborn legs.

After three weeks off in December (after an 800 mile year), I’m getting back into the swing of things with running. I’m taking it slow, as I don’t want to rush and hurt myself, but being able to hit one hour of running without stopping has been a major milestone for me. And I’ve done it twice in a week.

Running for that long is almost meditation. It means no social media, fretting over my to-do list, or checking emails. It’s an hour of not trying to figure things out, or get into several conversations.

One hour of running is wonderful.

Ditching Medium

Something always felt off about Medium. I’ve tried a few times to write there, but it never stuck for me. One of my favorite sites, Signal Vs. Noise, moved there a few years ago, and it just never felt the same. I know they had great success there, but I saw today they’re leaving.

Beyond that, though, we’ve grown ever more aware of the problems with centralizing the internet. Traditional blogs might have swung out of favor, as we all discovered the benefits of social media and aggregating platforms, but we think they’re about to swing back in style, as we all discover the real costs and problems brought by such centralization.

Signal v Noise exits Medium