D2C email marketing operations for Grammy Award Winning MNRK Heavy.
I also do email work with Black Label Society and Nina Nastasia

Death Row Records, before they sold to Snoop Dog
Direct-to-fan emails for clients over at Holdtight PR.

I founded Buzzgrinder (2001-2008) and Noisecreep (2008-2011) for AOL Music.

Full work history on LinkedIn.

I write a few newsletters:

HEAVY METAL EMAIL – Tips and ideas for heavy metal folks who are tired of the social media rat race and are ready to give email marketing a shot.

METAL BANDCAMP GIFT CLUB – I co-founded this back in 2016, and we help people buy music for people they never met on their birthday (and helped sell 1000s of albums).

I make some music, too:

GOODNIGHT, METAL FRIEND – sleepy time metal mixes since 2020. Use also to dampen internal rage while sorting your work emails.

HUNTERTHEN – after making a bunch of mixes, I started making some dark ambient / drone music.

Say hello: seth@closemondays.com