We didn’t always used to “do” social media, and I think it’s okay that we step away.

It’s quite the distraction. The fellowship is nice, the LIKES, and the support from others is fine and all, but it’s like a campfire, constantly needing fuel, and time, and direct support.

Collectivley we spend 1000s of hours a day probably, shoveling our lives onto multiple third party platforms. It’s like a duty, a part time job.

We could devote that time to writing, learning a new language, talking on the phone, knitting, or a million other things.

But social media pulls us close, with the allure of our friends. How “evil” can it really be if our friends are there?

If I hung out at a bar that welcomed nazis, sexist jerks, and racist shit bags, I know this – I’d fucking leave.

I’m working on that.