Since 2006 I’ve been logging onto Twitter. That’s 16 years of checking in on a website or app. I was 30 when I signed up, living in NYC at the time. I made some friends, lost some friends, traveled around, and now I’m 46 years old and there’s lots of wondering of what’s next.

I’m no fan of the new ownership, but I haven’t been a fan of the service for a few years now, or social media in general, given the algorithmic bent towards gossip, horror, extreme viewpoints, and other nonsense.

Gone are the days of logging in and seeing art and joy from my friends, and instead being served ads for shit I don’t need, and people I don’t follow. Great.

I don’t think there’s any new place I’ll go. I’m pretty okay with the small group of people I chat with on the phone, swap texts with, and private DM here and there. I think that can be enough.

Because last thing I need is a 3rd party company run by a bunch of morons coming between me and the personal communications with friends.

Messages (via the iPhone, Mac), phone calls (iPhone), and some Instagram messaging, which I need to break away from.

I think that’s good enough.