“Oh I know, I read your Xanga.” I remember a friend telling me that from like 20 years ago. I told him something, and he replied with the above quote.

And now we’re all on whatever version of Xanga we’re on, and it’s… too much.

Lately when I’m about to post something on socials, I stop and think that maybe it’d be better to send to a friend. Not ALL my friends, but the people who are special in my life.

Why am I sending this photo to 2,300 followers on Twitter when maybe 5% might see it? That’s just 115 people. Everyone else is excluded because of algorithms.

So I sent a text to a friend today, instead. And they sent me back a photo from Joshua Tree, and told me how they just visited the Grand Canyon on a whim.

They didn’t Tweet that… at least if they did I didn’t see it. But if I never messaged them, I’d still never know.

I don’t know… maybe not knowing what everybody is doing is okay.