Plug and Replug

Announce your thing, and keep announcing it.

I always appreciate when people plug and replug their work on Twitter. Never feel bad about it. There’s always some article/book/video/ that pops up in my timeline and I think, “I need to check that out … but later.” Later comes and I can lose track. Your replugging reminds me.

@mattthomas on Twitter

Let’s say you finally get to announce that pre-orders are now open for your new EP. You post it on a Tuesday at 10am. And then…

People who happen to be on Twitter (or whatever other social media network you announce the news on) on Tuesday, around 10am… well… that’s the afternoon for folks in Europe. And just 7am for people on the West coast – sort of early.

So make sure you post about your link a few more times in the coming weeks. Yes, multiple times. For the very reasons listed above.

People might see your link when they’re sitting down to a new episode of something on Netflix. They might be in line at the bank, or waiting for a Zoom meeting to start.

Schedule out a dozen Tweets.
You can do the same on Facebook.
And even Instagram (using Buffer).

Schedule them out, even at weird hours. TV commercials get shown over and over again. You see the same banner ads. The same pre-roll ads on YouTube.

There’s no shame in talking up your thing multiple times on social media.