My Comfort Show is ‘Chapter 13: The Jedi’ from The Mandalorian

If I need to wind down, I usually put on ‘The Jedi’ episode from The Mandalorian. There’s just something about the pace of the action and the story that is soothing for me.

The scenery is gorgeous in this episode, mostly because I love gloomy, cloudy days.

Just look how dark this scene is. Military occupation. No sun light. Ominous music in the background. Perfect.

This scene is gorgeous, but so dark.

I love how close and intimate this exchange is. Not a lot of moments like this for Mando over the course of the series.

That look.

And also, this is the start of their invasion and it’s so… matter of fact. No bright, hopeful, “here comes the good guys” music. Very business class.

Quiet, subtle, but still bad-ass entrance.

Grateful for thishello there” moment.

As usual, a tender moment with Mando.

Took me a few viewings, but I realized Ahsoka Tano is standing here from the very start of this scene.

Everything about this shot screams Star Wars, and I love it. Those beams, the lights, the dome in the background.

“You and I, we’re a lot alike. Willing to lay our lives down for the right cause…”

Again, no grand music. Just dark, ominous rumblings for this entire part.

Nothing jovial about any of this. “Sounds like you win,” is tame compared to the bravado of the rest of the Star Wars movies, but this fits.

Again, this episode just moves at the right pace for me. There’s a lot of story to be told, the revealing of Ahsoka Tano, an infiltration, and two epic stand-offs, all done with grace and depth.

I watch this damn near every night before going to bed these days.