Keep Announcing Your Stuff

Posted originally on my Ko-Fi page:

If you’re gonna announce a pre-order, plan on announcing again and again. Schedule it out. Plan on posting about it a dozen (or more) times. Remember – not everyone sees your post at 10am on a Tuesday. Not everyone is ready to click (they might be in line at the bank, or on break at work).

Put the link in every post. Include your nice artwork. This isn’t about “creating content” this is just making sure your billboard gets seen.

Embed a small video clip of your music. You’re competing with bands and artists who ARE already doing that. People like music. Maybe they’ll like your music. Give yourself a chance and make your music as easy to listen to.

If you’re just waiting for Spotify to start sending you $1 per stream, you’re gonna be waiting awhile. Build your email list. Make your music easy to listen to. Make it painfully easy for people to support your art.

There are big bands with label support, radio campaigns, slick videos, great press… and there are still people in comments 3 weeks after the album release going, “oh, I didn’t even know they had a new album!”

You don’t have to be super active on every social media network, but at least post more than once a month about your new upcoming release / art / show.

Waiting for Spotify, labels, and about a million other things to get fixed is a waste of time.