Goodnight, Metal Friend #14

Listening to these in the background is wonderful. The real mind-fuck is when they stop. A constant hum in your ears, an unending drone – it just feels different when it stops.

That’s why I started making these mixes in the first place. I want something with no lull in sound. Streaming music services are great for playlists, but not for mixes, as they go from one track to the next.

My DJ skills aren’t the best. Still trying to figure out cross fading and EQ and such, but hey, I’m learning.

Track listing:

Illusory Calm from Vacuum by TVS

Side B from Lost Ships of the Desert by Empty Eyes

Chapter IV. When Memory Fails, We Disintegrate from New Kings and New Queens by Phragments

Thru the Door from Guest by rusé

Breather from Breather by S. Lucio

There is a Fountain Filled with Blood from There is a Fountain Filled with Blood by Simulacra

cure from resist and restrict by thinfoilresistor