Giving Yourself a Chance

Found this from Twitter today, from @djboothEIC:

At random, I picked 10 artists who released a song last week, and I checked their Twitter accounts to see who promoted their release and how often.

• 4 of the 10 didn’t share at all
• Of the 6 who did share, 5 have posted only once

Why are you afraid to promote your work?

As someone who works with a lot of bands and creative individuals, I can say I see the same thing, week after week, year after year.

Most sad is when a band releases a music video. They’ll tweet about it once, maybe again a day later, then never again. As if it no longer exists.

You don’t need to post a link 18 times a day, but set a reminder to post about it every few days. Like, tell your phone to remind you, or set a recurring task in Google Calendar, to repeat every five or six days: post about video.

It’s not spammy when social media algorithms limit your reach anyhow! Each Tweet is probably only being seen by 20-30% of your followers – think of everyone else! And some people don’t check socials every day, either.

So post about your stuff often. Remind people about your work, your art, your magic. And if they’re tired of it? Oh well, this is your life. Don’t hold back. If you’re really cluttering up their “feed” that bad, they’ll unfollow.