I see this so often – a podcast shares an interview they did on socials, maybe with an audio clip. Once, maybe twice. Then a week later, its as if it never happened.

Same with bands posting songs and videos, or artists sharing a new work.

A week later, it all falls off the face of the earth. “Old news,” more or less.

And it hurts my weary soul.

Transcribe some bits of that podcast episode, and post that on your website (it’s 2021, and not everyone listens to podcasts).

There are people on YouTube “reacting” to music videos and wracking up 10s of thousands of views – YOU CAN FUCKING DO THAT.

You’re the band. You’re the artist, or the director, or the sound person – it’s not “reacting,” it’s “this is the work I did, and I’m going to talk about it a little bit.”

Sure, we’d all love our magical art to just “stand on its own,” but you’re competing with a tidal wave of magical art every HOUR.

The answer isn’t post more, but post interesting things around your art.

Star Wars ain’t just movies. They have TV shows now. Comics. Books. Toys. If they just stopped with movies, they’d miss out.

Your podcast can be a quote image (which you can make using Canva).
It can be a blog post (transcriptions are cheap, and you just need a few key parts).
Your music video can have a behind the scenes breakdown. A commentary video. Its own podcast episode!

The magic doesn’t stop when you hit post. Keep it moving.