Don’t Grind

The week of May 3rd I didn’t run one mile. For whatever reason running felt off. I wasn’t in pain, it just stopped being fun.

For a bit.

Weeks prior my mileage was down. Glad I bought a trainer and a Zwift subscription, just to keep moving, to keep the heart rate up.

On Saturday I had a nice hike / run, up and down and up and down a nearby mountain here, a nice 1,400 of climbing total.

Two days later I had tonight’s solid four mile run.

It’s probably that I’m getting more sleep. Drinking more fluids. Eating a tiny bit better. Less work stress.

Sure, there’s been times when I just got up and ran. Hell, I had a 70 day run streak earlier this year.

But there’s also time to back off. Smell the roses. Ride a bike.