Daily Loop #70

One of the writing prompts for folks is to just write. Fill up that blank page at all costs. That’s how today’s loop felt. Just fill up the space with an idea, with a riff, with a bit, and release it to the world. One never knows where they’ll end up.

My run streak from November ended at 70 runs, but I’m feeling pretty good at loop #70. I’m still learning, adding, growing this thing. It’s funny… I’ve done 70 of these in a row and some people I know on social media aren’t even aware because of algorithms.


“i make looms in the kitchen, my roommate makes tiktoks in the bathroom. we share a 1b apartment. such is life in your 20s,” @saraduit

“Can men stop commenting on threads of women recounting their abuse/harassment. Let them speak and be heard; not everything has to be about you,” @old_rake

From @jetpacksandrollerskates