Daily Loop #7

I posted a few of these clips to Twitter in the last week or so, and didn’t really get the idea to put them on my blog, so I’m fixing that now (1/7).

My brain exploded when I figured out how to do sampling with Abelton Live. Sure, I’ve messed around with a TASCAM Porta-4 about 30 years ago, and who hasn’t spent some time with Garage Band?

But Live is a special beast.

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to just make something each day. The drum beats, the bass lines, and the samples. Usually I’ll go on YouTube and sample old TV commercials, but lately I’ve been capturing the audio from Instagram Stories.

As I thumb through the never ending videos, every so often a few audio clips collide and make for something interesting. That’s where the beeps and boops above come from.