Daily Loop #69

Oh, to sit around all day and work on music, right? Or make art. Work on photos.

While a career in creative work isn’t a guanrantee, you can at least fake it. That’s me most every morning (or late night). Pretending for a mere hour or so per day, just 60 or so minutes, I get to create some magic and release it to the world. That just wasn’t possible 20 years ago.


“Another day, another evening spent explaining NFTs to my bandmate and being like “also, we are never doing this,” @useyourtanuki

“When a job listing says the words ‘fast-paced environment’ that means toxic,” @1followernodad (this thread is amazing)

“Stay sane, creative friends. Focus on the long-haul. If you’re spending more times studying this garbage tech instead of making things that people talk about, then idk,” @PaulJun_

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