Daily Loop #67

I tend to name my music files after notable events of the day, and most notable yesterday was purchasing my first coffee grinder. So as I waited for my French press to brew, I pulled out my iPad and Procreate and drew this little boom box, animated, and made it the theme for today’s loop.


“always wild when you stumble onto the parallel world on here of some blue check tweeting “So excited to be able to say I’m starting as Chief Puppy Kicker at Facebook’s new Pain and Suffering Division!” an every other blue check on here replying “OMG they’re so lucky to have you,” @metaltxt

“You never know who is watching, so just keep doing it for you and when they hit you up, you’ll be ready,” @aundrelarrow

“anarchists heroically fought and died for the five day workweek so you could spend the two day weekend getting caught up on email,” @computerfact

Photo via @masa_photo_jp
Image via @ianmcque on Instagram