They Want the Discord

I’ve believed this for awhile about the elections, about the chaos and tension of the current election, emphasis mine:

“This is exactly what our foreign adversaries want to happen,” Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who is a Republican, told the editorial board. “Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, what they want is they want people to lose confidence in our democratic institutions. They want people to believe our election wasn’t fair.  “They want to undermine our representative form of democracy. They want to undermine our republic. They want the discord, because when people lose faith in our elections, they don’t believe that the elected leaders are legitimate. And that undermines democracy at its core foundation.”

Honor your oath, Mr. President

Our enemies want to see us question everything. Call everything fake. Everyone is out to get Trump. And even when Biden wins, my god, it’s not like things will simmer down. I don’t think America will ever get out of these choppy waters.