The Wind Won’t Win

The wind knocked the power out, at least for a little bit. Long enough to wait for everything to reboot, and make some more coffee.

Chose to continue my Four Miles Every Day in April streak in downtown Hamburg (Strava link), figuring the buildings might give me some shelter but the wind didn’t care. It was fierce, around 20mph according my app. The sort of gusts that suck the air from your lungs and push you backwards.

Headwinds used to upset me. Literally, I’d get mad at the wind, the conditions. I’d let it turn me sour, and ruin the moment. That really goes back to my bike riding days, but in recent years, I just accept it.

Being mad at the wind won’t stop the wind. Being upset at the current situation doesn’t change anything. As Seth Godin recently wrote, “We can’t change how things are in any given moment, but we can change how we will approach today.”

My approach to running lately has been embracing the suck, because it can literally change from one mile to the next. The first mile, the second mile… pure suck. But usually, for me, that third mile, then the fifth, the eighth, that’s when thing feel good.

So right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, and a thousand things going wrong with every passing hour, death, sorrow, and pain, well, yelling at the wind ain’t gonna help, so better to just move forward as best we can.