Sundays are for Making Doomy Mixes

Five song mix, featuring Everly Pale, Seffi Starshine, and Laurie Spiegel.

A few months ago I didn’t really know that “dark ambient” was a thing, but I’m really enjoying this new season of discovery. This only started during the pandemic, but also because I deal with heavy metal everyday, and have since 2008 or so. I’m not quitting metal by any means, but it’s my day job, I need to give me ears a rest.

It’s been fun learning a new piece of software, too; Serato DJ Lite.

I didn’t really know how to make a mix – I tried just stacking the tracks in Abelton Live, then ScreenFlow, but neither was very fun, since they’re not really made for that. Not a huge fan of Serato aesthetically, but it does the job.

The process of making these mixes is fun, too. Finding the music on Bandcamp, keeping track of stuff I find, downloading, managing those tracks, arranging each song, then the fade in and out, while recording the mix in real time to Audio Hijack Pro.

I’ve been making these on and off since May, and they’re a great distraction to *everything* that is going on these days.

If you dig this, I have more mixes here on MixCloud.