Pennsylvania Breaks 7000 COVID-19 Cases

On November 12th, seven days ago, I wrote this:

It was just 10 days ago when PA reported 2,500 new cases of COVID in a day. Today we broke 4,700.

From ‘Lowering the Bar

Today, November 19th, Pennsylvania we hit 7,126 cases.

I am absolutely stress eating. Taking time away from work when I need it. Going for walks. Going for runs (I went on two today). Scrolling through social media, news sites, texting friends, and playing Mario Kart 8.

No Thanksgiving for me this year, just staying home with my roommate. Running locally.

Been talking about the stress with some friends, about how the work we get to do remotely consumes us. Before all this we could at least go out to the movies, meet some friends for drinks, go to a race on the weekend, see a show – all these events that broke up the monotony of working.

It’ll be nice to get back to that someday.