Nothing Is Real

This is a little phrase I’ve been repeating here and there lately. Perhaps we’re living in a computer simulation. Or maybe in the Fight Club-esque mindset, that our lives are tied to computer records. Deeper yet, we’re plugged into the Matrix, and really we’re all fast asleep, living in a computerized dream world.

If nothing is real, it’s a sure thing that everything is fucked. COVID-19 is as real as ever, and cops (and their budgets) are out of control.

In the mont of June we’ve been raising funds with Metal Bandcamp Gift Club, coming together to raise almost $1,300 for bail and legal funds.

Went to my first protest this past weekend, and kept my head on a swivel, staying alert for any wackadoo who might start any trouble. It felt good, though, and I want to stay involved.

Black lives matter. Defund the police. Pay teachers.