New Perspectives

A friend of mine completed one of those Couch to 5K app programs. Hey, they work (it’s how I got started)! After two 5Ks, winter came, work got busy, and he stopped running. He’s getting back into it, though.

We ran last years Bethlehem Turkey Trot 5k (I ran it in 27:51). He got a treadmill recently. Now that the weather is getting a little bit nicer, and after hearing about my recent 18 mile long run, he’s starting to set off on his own adventures.

He’s gonna run that Turkey Trot 5K route himself. Just to do it. Run through downtown Bethlehm, just taking his time, walking if he needs, just out there doing it.

Because as we near our mid 40s, invitations to adventure don’t typically get tossed our way, so we have to make them ourselves. Sign up for a 5K (or a marathon), sure, but it’s getting out there when there’s no start time, or official finish line, that’s the true adventure.