Lowering the Bar

My heart needed this:

If you need to keep losing your shit, lose it. If you need to keep stealing naps from the rest of your day, steal them. If you need to organize your inbox, cut out dairy or alcohol for the week, go on a long-ass walk everyday without listening to a podcast, do it. If you need to keep lowering the bar, lower it, then lower it again.

From ‘your attention‘ by Anne Helen Petersen

That’s in response to last weekend’s news, CNN and such calling the Presidential race for Joe Biden. I was on a trail running with a friend when I got the news, and I was pumped.

By Sunday, I was exhausted.

It was just 10 days ago when PA reported 2,500 new cases of COVID in a day. Today we broke 4,700.

No matter what the news is, COVID has been the backdrop to our days since March. Since that night I was watching the NBA and they cancelled the game because one player tested positive.

Meanwhile, in men’s college football:

It’s been a tumultuous week of COVID-19-related disruptions for the SEC, which also this week announced changes for three other games originally scheduled for Saturday.  On Tuesday, the SEC postponed Alabama-LSU and Texas A&M-Tennessee. On Monday, the league announced its decision to postpone the Auburn-Mississippi State game.

‘Georgia Bulldogs’ game against Tigers postponed over coronavirus issues at Missouri,’ ESPN

Tonight while picking up groceries I saw a handful of chain restaurants with packed parking lots.

Like, sure, Biden may be our next President (if you believe the LAME-STREAM media, right?!?!), but right outside my window 1,000 Americans are dying everyday.

Everything is exhausting.