Goodnight, Metal Friend – MIX 09

This is a short one – less than 25 minutes – but still I think it’s a good one. A few guitars in this one, which is always a treat. Music by Archean Nights from France, Shum & dMH from Ireland, Oneirich from this ‘Dark Ambient Vol. 16‘ compilation, and Mirrortouch who is a young latinx producer named Juan Quintero-García.

I love the sleep music in my Headspace app, but sometimes I want something a little… darker. I love finding this music. Digging through the dark ambient and drone metal sections of Bandcamp, settling deep into the different songs and making sure they fit, with no sudden shrieks or loud percussion. Then fitting the songs together in Serato, and fading out of one track, and into another, at a good point, too. Not too fast, not too sudden. It’s a big bunch of skills and challenges that I really liked picking up this year.