Golden Coast Track Club Pride 5K Report

The past few weeks have been blah, which has seeped into my running. My last 20+ mile week was back in APRIL, when I was still doing my “Four Miles Everyday in April (the 4th month thing), and hurt my foot.

So a combination of injury, and mental burnout from work stuff, and *** everything else that’s going on in the world *** I’ve lost a step. Haven’t felt as “driven” to run.

Thankfully that changed this past two weeks, having hit 17+ miles each week, along with some cycling.

All that to say, this 5K was rough. First mile I clocked an 8:39/mile pace, but the heat and humidity (97%), along with not actually training for that sort of effort, I finished at around 29:17. The last half-mile was in the eights, topping out at 7:39 (!!!), but that’s all I could muster. Strava page here.

But hey – this was all to raise money for the Trevor Project, and I got to run my friend Shannon at 8am on a Sunday, so this was good.